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EXP has been the dominant national provider for pharmaceutical reverse distribution since 1994. We regularly enhance our offerings as part of our ongoing growth, and at the requests of our customers. We now offer high-quality services in recall management, pharmaceutical inventory, specialty floor mats, pharma-waste disposal, and medical device Xchange. Find out more about each of these below.

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EXP's core business is pharmaceutical reverse distribution. 7 out of 10 hospitals trust EXP and we are proud to serve a significant number of DoD and DVA sites. More independent retailers utilize EXP than any other reverse distributor and over 80% of Long-Term-Care pharmacies are EXP customers. EXP’s On-Site service is the Benchmark of Excellence in the returns industry. Find out more about your particular market segment and how EXP can assist you.



EXP is proud to represent RASMAS offering hospitals a comprehensive solution for the ever-growing problem of manufacturer recalls. The only source of an end-to-end solution for pharmaceutical recalls, EXP also offers a hospital-wide solution for recalls occurring in all departments.




EXP is proud to partner with Capital Inventory, the leader in hospital physical pharmacy inventories. While there are many companies who offer physical inventory services to hospital pharmacies throughout the country, there is only one undisputed leader over the last 20 years … Capital Inventory.


EXP/Floor Mats

EXP provides the finest ergonomic floor matting in the industry. Protecting your standing healthcare worker saves money in absenteeism, Worker’s Compensation claims and increases overall productivity. Our On-Site consultation service makes buying mats the easiest purchase you will ever make.


EXP/RX Disposal

One of the most exciting products in the healthcare industry today, the CACTUS Smart Sink® is a secured, wall-mounted pharmaceutical waste container system. It accepts "raw" pharmaceutical waste, including solids, liquids and patches. This system immediately renders unused pharmaceuticals acutely "unusable and irretrievable".



Eliminate the confusion, frustration and costly mistakes by using EXPIDENTIFY. With ever-increasing and changing regulations and shifting manufacturer return policies, staying up-to-date on which pharmaceuticals are returnable can be a daunting task … and a costly one if you are not well-informed.

EXPIDENTIFY is our cloud-based solution that assists with maximization of credits.